Gołuchów Castle Museum

Zamek w Gołuchowie
Działyńskich 2, 63-322 Gołuchów, Poland
Branch of the National Museum in Poznań
+48 61 856 80 75

The Gołuchów Castle Museum is a building with over 400 years of history. Built in the 16th century as a defensive manor house by the Leszczyńskis and extended over time, it became the property of Jan Działyński in 1853. It owes its present appearance to his wife, Izabella née Czartoryska, daughter of Prince Adam Jerzy, leader of the Hôtel Lambert exile party. The new owner turned Gołuchów into her main residence and a place to display her top-class art collections, which were the result of the couple's shared passion for collecting. As a result, Gołuchów became a magnificent aristocratic residence with a library and museum collections open to the public since 1885. After World War II, the collections looted by the Germans were only partly returned to the castle in Gołuchów. However, the National Museum in Poznań, which has been the host of this place since 1951, continues to make efforts to recover more objects.