The Polish Institute and Gen. Sikorski Museum in London

Instytut Polski i Muzeum im. Gen. Sikorskiego w Londynie
20 Princes Gate, London SW7 1PT, United Kingdom
+44 2075 899 249

Operating in London since 1945, the Institute and Museum is a charitable research and museum institution dedicated to the history of Poland, with a particular focus on the Polish Armed Forces in the West and the government in exile. Until 1989, as an institution independent of the communist authorities in the country, it played an invaluable role in collecting and compiling memorabilia and archival collections and promoting uncensored knowledge of Poland's recent history. While continuing to fulfil its mission from the beginning, it has also been a place for Polish-British dialogue and a significant source of information on Poland's political and cultural achievements.

Since 1946, it has been housed in a magnificent, elegant building on Hyde Park. The co-founder of this institution, Count Edward Raczyński, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in London, Foreign Minister in General Sikorski's government and penultimate President of the Republic of Poland in exile, played a significant role in its acquisition. His diplomatic ambassadorial uniform, like the general's uniform in which General Sikorski died, are symbolic icons of the political-military collection gathered here, depicting the tragic fate of Polish refugees in the 20th century.